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Our Philosophy

Olney Adventist Preparatory School is a Kindergarten through Grade Eight Christian school located in Olney, Maryland. Students are challenged to excellence and their full personal capacity. Our school motto, “Above and Beyond,” is used to address students, staff, and families who have exceeded our expectations in application, extension, and creativity in any task or action. Our Philosophy is: God has created each student with unique abilities and gifts and through His grace and strength, all children can achieve.


Olney Adventist Preparatory School’s mission is to go above and beyond in treating students as individuals academically, spiritually, socially and physically.


To holistically educate our children in mind, body, and spirit.


Our Purpose is to help children discover God’s will for their life, develop and improve their abilities, and awaken the spirit of service by following Christ’s example.


Our Curriculum is enriched; relevant to life skills; complemented by small class sizes; framed on individualized instruction; unique and intellectually challenging; creating learners who think, speak, and act with confidence and skill. Our academic program is rigorous, Christ-centered, and biblically based.


Our Priorities are to assist students in developing a personal relationship with Christ; teach values grounded in Scripture; help our students to develop dignity, grace, respect, integrity, service, responsible citizenship, personal discipline and leadership; and model the same behavior we expect from our students.

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