Our Staff

We believe that teachers have a responsibility to actively influence a child’s life in a positive and caring way. Our teachers have a passion for high quality, innovative education, and a recognition and respect for the individuality and uniqueness of each child’s manner of learning. They are dedicated to the success of each student and committed to helping them achieve academic, spiritual, physical, social, and emotional goals. Olney Prep teachers are carefully selected on the basis of personal faith in Christ, academic preparedness, teaching philosophy and techniques, strength of character, and a love for children. 


Our full-time teachers are certified and hold a Bachelor of Science or Master’s degree in Education. Our part-time teachers hold a BS, BA, or MA in varying fields.





I have the esteemed pleasure and honor of leading this school of incredibly talented and skilled educators! Together, we have dedicated ourselves to enriching the educational experience of students and preparing them for the successes of the world and for Christ's Kingdom to come. My motto is built on the philosophy of kaizen—celebrating the successes of each step and always finding ways in which we can continue growth. 



Administrative Assistant

I have worked at OAPS for more than 10 years. I chose to make a difference in students' lives at OAPS because their smiles make me smile. It brings satisfaction to know that I can be part of affecting their happiness.



Business Administrator & Admissions Director

I have enjoyed working at OAPS since 2003. It has been a pleasure to witness the growth of the school, and the growth of the children through the years. I admire the standards for excellence that have been a priority since the school's founding. I am grateful to work at a top-quality school in a positive environment.




I have had the pleasure of working at Olney Prep since the summer of 2006. It has been amazing to see the progress and growth of the school. I have seen that God has always been present. Working at the school is a privilege and I enjoy watching students grow and learn.



Facilities Manager & Conservatory Director

I was hired in 2007. I am responsible for the campus' day-to-day and long-term maintenance goals. For the conservatory, I schedule classes, hire teachers and plan the recitals. I enjoy working in an environment focused on the well-being of the student population and the positive atmosphere among the teachers and staff.



Spanish and Music

I am delighted to serve the OAPS family as the Music, Choir and Spanish teacher, as well as instructing the bells and chimes and programs after school. I chose to make a difference at OAPS because the level of instruction expected here is where I would like to take my students.



Grade Four

I have been an educator for nine years and I absolutely love children, sharing Christ and serving people. I sincerely believe that every child can and will learn. I am humbled and honored to continue using my gifts to help educate students for eternity.


Grade Two

I began my teaching career six years ago after receiving my degree in Liberal Arts Education (Elementary Education). I grew up in Adventist schools my entire life, and I knew that I wanted to be an Adventist teacher. My senior year in college, I wasn’t sure where I was going to end up. Then God opened the door to teach at OAPS. I am truly blessed to be at such an amazing, supportive, and Christ-centered school.


Grade One

I am from Chesapeake, VA, and previously taught in an Adventist school nearby for three years.  I look forward to continuing my journey here at OAPS and am excited to become more acquainted with students, parents, and the community here in Olney. 


Physical Education

I am now in my second year as PE teacher at OAPS. My love for working with children comes from being a gymnastics and track coach, as well as a personal trainer. I am proud to help our students discover the joy of living a healthy and active lifestyle.



I love discovering each child's unique gifts, helping them grow into what God has created them to be, and encouraging them to create! I hold a B.A. & M.S. in art and design and have taught art for 5+ years. The skills learned in art are transferable to other aspects of life. Our Creator equips us to create for His “glory, and for beauty” Exodus 28, 31.



Middle School Math
and Science

I started my career at OAPS 15 years ago and have since completed graduate school. I chose to make a difference in students' lives at OAPS because I love our kids! Students at other schools don't compare. I love to see the change in students as they grow and develop. I have also managed the yearbook for several years.



Grade Three

I am excited to be able to join the educational team at OAPS where students are being prepared not only for this world but for eternity. I have been teaching for five years. I believe that God has called me to serve as an educator and my goal is to hear the words "well done good and faithful servant." Children have been a big part of my life for 22 years. I am blessed to be able to teach at such a time as this.




I am thrilled to be a part of the OAPS school family this year. I LOVE teaching Science and Social Studies. I am a product of Adventist education and am delighted to be able to give back as an educator now. I graduated in 2002 with a BA in Elementary Education and later earned an MA in Early Childhood Education. I have taught for 15 years, and I feel very blessed to serve this year as the kindergarten teacher.



Middle School
Language Arts

This is my third year teaching at OAPS and my 19th year teaching. I chose to make a difference in students' lives at OAPS because I love Olney Prep, its students and constituency and I currently serve as the Grade Six sponsor.



Grade Five

My sole objective is to walk in the purpose my Father lays out for my life in the field He’s led me to work in: education. My passion is in mentoring, guiding, advising and leading young people towards making positive choices for their lives today and for their future; and in helping them to create and maintain proper life habits. 



Middle School Bible
and History

I began my teaching career here at OAPS in 2017 and am excited to be here. I chose to make a difference in students' lives here at OAPS by having the opportunity to teach kids more about Jesus through His word, the history of this world, and through music. I also serve as the 8th Grade sponsor and director of the Orchestra.