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Our Philosophy

God has created each student with unique abilities and gifts and through His grace and strength, all children can achieve.

The Olney Adventist Preparatory School's athletic program is committed to offering every participating student opportunities for growth and development across five key areas. To attain this objective, we place significant emphasis on fostering and expecting a high degree of self-discipline from our student-athletes. This self-discipline entails showing respect for and adhering to the rules and regulations established by the athletic program and its coaches, as these rules are meticulously designed to ensure the safety and orderly conduct of all participants.


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Akil Charles

Head Coach
OAPS Boys & Girls Basketball

"Change the world through hoops!"

Coach Akil Charles is a dedicated basketball coach with a passion for positively impacting the lives of children and young adults. Born and raised in Prince George's County, Maryland, he has a rich background in basketball and a commitment to both skill development and character building. Coach Charles played high school basketball at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, where his team achieved notable success. He later attended St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada, on a basketball scholarship, earning a bachelor's degree in social work.

After graduation, he served as an assistant coach for his alma mater's men's basketball team. Coach Charles also gained international experience when he was hired by the United States Basketball Academy (USBA) to teach basketball in China to youth aged five to seventeen.

In 2020, Coach Charles established his own basketball skills training business, ARC Athletics, which stands for "Achieve, Rise, and Conquer." He currently serves as the head coach for both boys and girls at Olney Adventist Preparatory School (OAPS) and the head coach for the Spencerville boys' varsity team. Coach Charles's coaching philosophy revolves around skill development, character building, and faith-based values. He aims to minister to children, youth, and young adults through basketball, emphasizing teamwork, sportsmanship, positive reinforcement, and the overall well-being of his athletes. His focus is on creating a safe and positive environment that fosters growth and development.

Bryan Patterson.jpg

Bryan Patterson

OAPS Girls Basketball

I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to coach the OAPS Girls Basketball Team. It's a privilege to work with these talented young athletes and help them develop their skills, teamwork, and love for the game. I can't wait to share my knowledge, passion, and dedication to help the team succeed and grow both as individuals and as a cohesive unit.

Dave Retz.jpg

Daivd Retz

OAPS Boys Basketball &


I am truly thrilled to have the chance to coach both the OAPS Boys Basketball Team and be a part of the Co-ED MAABA league. This dual role allows me to work with a diverse group of athletes and help them build a strong foundation in the sport. I'm looking forward to the challenges and opportunities this coaching experience will bring, fostering teamwork, skills development, and a love for basketball in all the players.

additional training

Interested in booking a training session or seeking more information?

Coach Akil Charles can be contacted via phone, text or through email.

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