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Classroom standards

Building Christian character in a positive environment is a high priority at Olney Prep. Integrity, grace, respect, leadership, responsible citizenship, and person discipline are developed in our students and modeled by our staff. With this concept in mind, we have replaced “rules” with schoolwide “standards”.

You are what you demonstrate yourself to be:

  • Be safe

  • Be responsible

  • Be Respectful and Kind

  • Be a Good Listener



Class Meetings and Social Emotional Learning


Students in Kindergarten through eighth grade have class meetings several times a week. During class meetings, students have an opportunity to share their concerns and appreciations. Teachers and students meet in a circle and share events that occurred during the past week. It is the purpose of the class meeting to teach students and teachers how to share classroom concerns in a positive way. Students and teachers use statements such as, “When you _____ it makes me feel….” This model varies and becomes more sophisticated as students mature. As students matriculate through the grades, they build into their utilities additional conflict resolution strengths and comforts.

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